Implementation of the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of children.


> Workshops for the application of the materials

The UN Guidelines for the alternative care of children must be turned into concrete tools that contribute to the improvement of public policies for childhood and adolescence.


This is why work has to be done in order to achieve their effective incorporation in the field of the formulation of legislation, the planning of public policies and the concrete practices of public and private institutions involved in the prevention and protection of the Rights of the Child.


With this purpose, RELAF with the cooperation of UNICEF has created these “Friendly versions”: one to work with children and adolescents, and the other one to work with the staff of public and private entities.


Besides, based on the experiences of their concrete application the specialized working team of Relaf has elaborated two guiding handbooks for the implementation of training activities and the application of both tools.


Relaf and Unicef encourage you to use this material, and we are willing to receive the questions and suggestions of those who are planning to use them or have already used them. We have carried out concrete work experiences that allow us to make this task easier. Besides this, the experiences of application and exchanges will build lessons to share and learn from.

In order to contact us please write to us to:


> Version for adults (in English)
> Child-friendly version (in English)
> Guide for the implementation of the Version for adults (in English)
> Guide for the implementation of the Child-friendly version (in English)


Participation of Relaf in the elaboration of the Handbook "Moving Forward: Implementing the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children"


During 2012 and 2013, Relaf worked on the collaboration for the production of the Guidelines Implementation and Monitoring Handbook, in the framework of the Working Group on Children without parental care of the NGO Group for the CRC. This important document's aim is to provide professionals, technicians and political decision-makers with information, tools and resources, with the purpose of facilitating the application of the Guidelines in the contexts in which they work. The contents of the Handbook are underpinned by the overarching principles of the CRC and the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children, which are the necessity and appropriateness of the measure of alternative care. Besides including information on other Human Rights tools and documents and international legislations, it contains contextual information, as well as examples of good policies and practices. Together with the ISS, SOS CV, International Movement ATD 4th World, Every Child Relaf has made its contributions, which are related to many different areas. Among them, it has encouraged the inclusion of a multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic approach, which takes into account the diverse characteristics that alternative care has in the different cultural contexts in which the Handbook will be applied. Relaf was also responsible for the test field of the draft document in Latin America, which was carried out in Buenos Aires with the participation of 37 professionals from seven countries.





Geneva: Relaf attends the launch of the "Handbook for the Implementation and Monitoring of the Guidelines" and the NGO Group meetings.


On March 7th 2013 was held in Geneva the launching of the “Handbook for the implementation of the Guidelines”, in parallel with the sessions of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations. There, the representatives of NGOs of the Driver Group, in charge of the development and dissemination of the Manual, including  ISS, SOS, SOS-CVI, ATD Quarte Monde, Better Care Network, Unicef,  Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland (CELCIS) and Relaf represented by Mara Tissera, could meet and debate.


Relaf’s participation in the elaboration of the Handbook was very valued by the other organizations that are part of the « steering committee » in charge of its elaboration and diffusion, and we are grateful to all the Latin American colleagues who were involved in this project, either through sending the forms to the consultation, as their presence during the test field.




What are the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children?


Though the Resolution A/RES/64/142, dated 24 February 2010, the UN General Assembly adopted the Document “Guidelines for the Alternative Care for Children”

The Resolution considers the Guidelines as a set of appropriate guidelines which will contribute to orientate the policy and practice “with the aim of promoting the application of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other relevant regulations that are part of international tools related to the protection and wellbeing of children deprived of parental care or at risk of losing it.

Currently, Relaf, which is part of the Working Group on Children deprived of parental Care of the NGO Group on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, is engaged in the carrying out of a strategy for the application of the Guidelines at a global level, by accompanying actions in different parts of the world and taking responsibility for promoting different channels of promotion of the document in Latin America. It has the conviction that the Guidelines, together with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, are the tools that provide a basis and framework for the actions that are planned in order to promote the right to community- and family- based care.


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