Implementation of the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of children.


> Workshops for the application of the materials

The UN Guidelines for the alternative care of children must be turned into concrete tools that contribute to the improvement of public policies for childhood and adolescence.









This is why work has to be done in order to achieve their effective incorporation in the field of the formulation of legislation, the planning of public policies and the concrete practices of public and private institutions involved in the prevention and protection of the Rights of the Child.


With this purpose, RELAF with the cooperation of UNICEF has created these “Friendly versions”: one to work with children and adolescents, and the other one to work with the staff of public and private entities.


Besides, based on the experiences of their concrete application the specialized working team of Relaf has elaborated two guiding handbooks for the implementation of training activities and the application of both tools.


Relaf and Unicef encourage you to use this material, and we are willing to receive the questions and suggestions of those who are planning to use them or have already used them. We have carried out concrete work experiences that allow us to make this task easier. Besides this, the experiences of application and exchanges will build lessons to share and learn from.

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> Version for adults (in English)
> Child-friendly version (in English)
> Guide for the implementation of the Version for adults (in English)
> Guide for the implementation of the Child-friendly version (in English)